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Protons have a positive charge, electrons have a negative charge, and neutrons have no charge. I admire Walt. The groom left the bride standing at the altar. I didn't think it wasn't so funny.

The traditional American dinner includes meat, potatoes and a vegetable. Does Radek have children? Judy decided to wear her new bikini. What seems easy at first often turns out to be difficult. Some say that speech is worth silver, but silence is worth gold.

All the apples that fall are eaten by the pigs. We're not going to be getting much sleep tonight. She advised him to walk instead of taking a bus. He helped me do my homework. An income tax is levied on any income that exceeds deductions. Ice skating can be graceful and beautiful.

I am sorry that she is absent from the conference.

It is from two to ten birrs a week. I hear he is a Tokyo University professor. Her favourite band is Warpaint. Laurent told you what happened, didn't he?

How long have they been playing tennis? Who were you protecting? I extended my holiday. Tell me something about her. She was disgusted at his persistence. The forest was thick and impenetrable. Let him stay home if he wants! I've made my selection.

The village is now very different from what it was ten years ago. I've got something interesting to show you. How do you want them? I just want this day to be over. It's later than you think.

I think about it often. He is pleased with the plan. Who is the team's coach? My father is not really in favor of our marriage, because John still has no job.

There are a lot of people in the park. Every problem can be solved. She announced her intention to retire. I have finally finished my homework; now I can go to bed. The more the plot thickens, the more the mystery unfolds. And then?

Can't you ride a bicycle? I couldn't tell the twins apart. Colm is the guy who I thought saw me. You scared me half to death. The poor don't get richer when the rich get poorer. This milk is free from germs. Shooting stars can fly across the sky in less than a second. The dawns are calm here... You may be rich, but that doesn't entitle you to act like a jerk. I want to grow up to be a great scientist.

What're you going to do this weekend? I am not an Athenian nor a Greek.

I think they went without us. I want to help, but I can't. There's only one copy of this document. Mosur and I got separated.